An Interview with Ryan Fisher!


I am a giddy girl! Why? I am honored to host an interview taken by an amazing and wonderful new Guru here at our little site! He’s taken the initiative to seek out and bring us this brilliant piece for the upcoming Emerald City Comic Con! So, without further blubbering, here we go!

The Convention Guru presents Emerald City Comic Con 2016 Independent Artist Profile:
Ryan Fisher:Comic Artist and Writer
Emerald City Comic Con 2016 Table M-08
April 7th-10th
How did you get into art/writing? 
Through imitation really. My graphic novel “Torchlight Lullaby” may be what I’m presenting now but I’ve spent the previous 6 year making newspaper style comic strips for a couple of different web comics. I started doing those simply to make people laugh. I’d always dug them, but it wasn’t until I had an assignment in art school that required us to make some comic strips that I realized I really loved doing it. So what started as an assignment, grew once I got a taste of my first positive responses and now it’s something I can’t picture myself ever not doing. Creating comics that is, not just strip humor.
What are your inspirations?
Oh man, I jump all over the map on that one. I’ve been asked this question a lot of the years and I’m not sure I ever gave the same answer more then once. There is one staple though, and that’s the early Mirage TMNT books my Eastman and Laird. Once I got my hands on those it was over for me as a kid. I couldn’t get enough. Hell a quick look around my office tells me I still haven’t had enough.
Aside from that though, at the moment I’m really digging Katie Cook’s work as well as Kazu Kibuishi. And while it’s a bit dorky to say, I’m really being pushed to keep up with the amazing work some of my friends are putting out as of late. Primarily Lucas Turnbloom of “Dream Jumper.” Vince Dorse “Untold Tales of Bigfoot” and Wouter Goedkoop from “Tales of Jerrik.”
What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
Right now it would be to move the 1,000 copies of Torchlight I’m gonna have in my apartment. 🙂
Aside from that though, if I can continue creating stories I’m this passionate about I will have lead a truly wonderful life. And of course, the dream job would be to someday work on a TMNT book. Wanted that since I was 7, no sense in giving up on that yet right?
Any advice for younger artists?
Just sit down and do it. The moment you realize it’s ok to suck at art the moment you become an artist. This career is a series of constant failures progressed my incremental victories. You only get better by putting your head down and putting in the hours. Read as much as you can, get your hands on anything that inspires you and try to never lose it.
Lastly be a good person. At the end of the day the cream will rise to the top and if you are an amazing artist you can get away with being a jerk. But for the other 97% of us, you have to be a good person to make it in comics. It’s about relationships and people wanting to invest in you and see you succeed.
Stay hungry, but always stay humble.
What will you be featuring at this years con?
This Emerald City will be the debut of my book “Torchlight Lullaby.” Over the last 2 years I’ve poured everything I had into this book and I’m so proud of it. I really hope folks dig it. Aside from the book I’ll have a sit of soft enamel pins that I think came out great, some art prints and I’ll be doing free Torchlight sketches to celebrate the book’s debut.
What established work would you compare yours to?
Oh man… that’s… that’s a brutal question to ask an artist lol.
I have a hard time comparing my work to anyone else in quality because while I am very proud of Torchlight, I also see every single blemish in it that no one else would. To compare that to a work I didn’t create, but love as an outsider is tough.
I will say this, if you’re a fan of movies like “Dark Crystal,” “Labyrinth,” or “Never Ending Story” you may like this book. It’s the spirit I was trying to capture.
What should people expect when they stop by your table?
A large, bald, full bearded white man sucking on a Red Bull whose genuinely happy to talk shop with them.
Who else at the con would you recommend to check out?
One of them is super easy to suggest since he’ll be sitting right next to me. That’s my buddy Jeff Couturier. He does some amazing ash can style books. If you’re up for a humorous take on the cyberpunk genre you’re gonna love his stuff.
My buddy Byron Wilkins will be in the same section of me. Byron’s well known for both his comic 1977 and his work on the Webcomic Alliance (Seriously, if you’re someone looking to get into web comics go to that site and devour the backlogs. There’s some great stuff in those archives.)
Lastly Dan Berry from Verdacomb will be at the show. If you’re looking for something else to scratch that “Hunger Games” itch, you’ll love Dan’s work. He’s also currently got a Kickstarter going so if you go pick up an issue or two from his you can get a taste in time to still get in on some great reward tiers.

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